Purpose: “Are We There, Yet?”


It’s a heavy word. It’s in the mouths and minds of most these days. It seems that InspiratioN is on the rise. People are looking for something to lift them out of the drudgery of their daily lives. The patterns. The responsibilities. The limiting beliefs.

The bullshit.

People need a reason. Otherwise, isn’t it all just a waste of time?

We had our very first Babes Who Brunch Sunday at The Sweet Cup, and it was everything I hoped it would be. The guests were excited to be there and itching to be inspired. The space was a warm refuge from the metaphoric January snow storm that was swirling around outside. It was warm. It was fun. There was laughter and a waffle bar and unlimited mimosas (Waffle Bar!) to write home about. It was a good day!

Our guest speaker, Author and Life Coach Corlis Rassyle, told us the story of her crossroads moments, when she was faced with decisions that so many of us can identify with. She read from her new book, and inspired our guests with her story of perseverance and belief that she could achieve her goal and live her life’s purpose. After loading up at the Waffle Bar!, our guests were lead in a Vision Boarding workshop, challenging themselves to create a visual representation of their greatest hopes, dreams, goals, and intentions.

There was a distinct whiff of inspiration in the air… the sugar, carbs, and unlimited mimosas certainly contributed to the glow (am I right?). You could see it in the faces of the guests… all women of different ages and stages of life. If you watched for awhile, you could see it was a common strand in the weave of these women… the far off, dreamy eyed questioning. Am I where I should be? What do I even want?

Imagine yourself as a young 20 something. I don’t even know you, but I’d bet my lucky cake knife that you were searching for purpose. You’re supposed to be becoming an adult by now. Your friends are either starting to get responsible or doing a shitty job at trying. You fear doing either. What is your purpose? Shouldn’t you know by now? WELL, SHOULDN’T YOU?!

You blink, and now you’re 30ish, and kids, man. Kids become an issue. Either you want them and you don’t have them, or you have them and you’d rather be working, or you’re working and you’d rather be at home with them… Or, you’re having them and they consume your life in ways that make you believe that nothing else in the universe even matters. Especially not you. And of course, there’s the career. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you wasting your life? So you’re a good mom… is that enough? Should you be doing more? Accomplishing more? What is your purpose?

Shouldn’t you know by now?

So then the 40s come along and suddenly your kids and your career are probably under control but you’ve lost yourself. You’ve been doing this and doing that and forgetting to do you. And it probably shows in more ways than one. You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder, “Is this all I’m meant to be?” You cling to your friends like they’re life rafts to the person you used to be, back when you were fun, and thinner. You ask again, “Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I even want?”

My mom recently retired early. She struggled with the decision but ultimately she wanted to relax and do what she pleased more than she wanted her secure, predictable, stressful job. She was bored immediately. And even when the boredom slowly passed into acceptance, and even eventually enjoyment, she still struggled. Now that she didn’t have kids and a career to look after, what would her contribution be? What was she good for? What was her purpose now?

I’ve been a lot of ages and stages in life so far, and for those I haven’t been, I’ve been close enough to form opinions. And the truth is, at every stage, we are changing. What we want, what we’re good at, what we love. Who we are. Why we live. Our purpose evolves, just as we do. We all find ourselves in those moments when we question our contributions to the world. What are we giving and what are we doing it for? And is it enough?

It is in those moments… the far off, dreamy-eyed questioning moments… the bleary eyed, impatient exhausted moments… the feeling forlorn and forgotten moments… that we can find our inspiration. We can acknowledge the change and invite it in. We can welcome the next purpose.  We can invite it in for coffee and get to know it.  We can take our time.

Where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going. The evolution. It’s a long road trip, guys. So stop asking, “Are We There, Yet?” and think about all the stops you want to make along the way. Get comfortable and have a soda. We’ll get there when we get there!!!

Sweet Cup Connection Vision Board
Sweet Cup Connection Babes “Babes Who Brunch” Vision Board

You can find Author and Life Coach Corlis Rassyle at https://www.corliss.ca/

You can buy her book “Lead Your Life, How To Live With Purpose, Passion, and Confidence.” at https://www.corliss.ca/store/

You can get to know Elsa Borsa at http://www.elsaborsa.com

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